TPAD ​Tongue Prosthetic Assist Device
The Tongue Prosthetic Assist Device (TPAD) is a novel device developed by a team of multi-disciplinary researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. The goal of TPAD is to help oropharyngeal dysphagia patients achieve an improved quality of life through a cost-effective and patient-based source.

To learn more about TPAD, explore this website, email us at, or visit us at the following presentations:

Oral Presentation at the 3rd Congress of European ORL-HNS 

June 9, 2015

Prague, Czech Republic

Oral presentation at the IIE Annual Conference & Expo
May 31 - June 3, 2014
Palais des Congrés de Montréal
Montréal, Canada

Oral presentation at The International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST)

May 12-16, 2014

Pacific Grove, California USA